How Often To Change Cabin Air Filters in Bentley Cars

cabin car air filter

Keeping up with regular maintenance is absolutely essential, even if you don’t drive your Bentley very often! Any driver who wants to know how often to change a cabin air filter should check their owner’s manual for details. However, speaking generally, your cabin air filter should be replaced every 15,000 miles. If you tend to let your Bentley sit for long periods of time, have a service expert take a closer look during your yearly or bi-yearly maintenance check-up.

What Does a Cabin Air Filter Do?

In one respect, Bentley cars and SUVs aren’t so different from the other vehicles that they tend to tower over in practice. For the most part, you’re filtering the same air that everyone else is. Even if you never drive your Bentley in Austin or any other big city, it’s important to regularly replace the cabin air filter.  What does a cabin air filter do? In addition to filtering out obvious contaminants like pollution, your cabin air filter is responsible for keeping dust, dirt, and pollen out of the interior. Even the most serene country drives will supply plenty of each, and your air filter can become clogged without proper care.

How Do I Know When to Change a Cabin Air Filter?

The general guideline listed above should give you an idea of how often to change your cabin air filter in most cases, but local conditions near San Antonio and Houston could cause yours to wear out more quickly, or more slowly. Here are the telltale signs that you’re due for an appointment:

  1. A reduction in airflow through your climate control system
  2. Lingering unpleasant odors, especially when you are recirculating air through the vehicle
  3. You’ve been noticing more and more dust in your vehicle’s interior

How To Change a Cabin Air Filter in a Bentley

We’d be happy to take care of your cabin air filter replacement as part of your regular service check-up or 15,000-mile maintenance visit. With that said, we know how tempting it can be to lower your cabin air filter cost by taking care of the labor at home. There are a few things you should know before you try to replace the cabin air filter on a Bentley:

  1. Check your owner’s manual to find out where your cabin air filters are located. Many Bentley cars and SUVs have pollen air filters under the hood (towards the back), and recirculation air filters connected directly to the climate control system in the interior. These can be accessed near the base of the footwell.
  2. Gather up your supplies. You’re likely to need a new cabin air filter, replacement seals, and a screwdriver, but not much else. (Choose genuine OEM parts for best results.)
  3. We recommend wearing gloves and a facemask, especially if it’s been a while since your last cabin air filter replacement.
  4. Deposit the old filter in a garbage bag and throw it away! After you’ve replaced the seals on the filter cassette, simply insert the replacement and you’re good to go.

How much does a new cabin air filter cost? Expect to pay between $60 and $175, or less when you find the right service special at Bentley of Austin.

Bentley of Austin Is Your Source for Cabin Air Filters, and Much More

Our service team is prepared to assist you with everything from cabin air filter replacement to timing belt repair. If there’s anything you need, schedule service at Bentley of Austin or visit our Bentley parts department near San Antonio today.

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